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Greek Orthodox Icon



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Orthodox Icons, Orthodox Church Icons, Russian Orthodox icons, Greek Orthodox Icons, Byzantine Icons, Orthodox Iconographers, Religious Icons,
Byzantine Iconographers, &  Byzantine Icon websites & Orthodox Icon Links

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  • THE ICON GALLERY - From the award-winning website of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
  • ICON GALLERY- A constantly expanding collection of over 150 icons by the hand of Matthew Garrett. Available for commissions. Icons for sale.
  • Icons & Iconography: Orthodox Christian Information Center
    One of the oldest Russian importers to the United States. We have been in business for over 25 years and count some of the finest stores among our customers.
    Friends of Orthodox Christian Church Weblinks!

  • Greek Orthodox Relief Icons in precious metals from George Blair
  • Iconofile - a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people worldwide regarding icons. We sponsor icon-painting workshops, icon study tours of Russia, Greece and Turkey, and publish an eJournal and a full-color quarterly magazine on icons.
  • Debra Korluka, Orthodox Iconographer, writes icons in the Orthodox Byzantine tradition under close spiritual guidance and direction in her Holy Orthodox Church. She grew up in the Russian Orthodox Church. Debra has learned the art from several master iconographers, and has studied restoration of icons at The University of Restorative Fine Art in Kyiv, Ukraine. She has exhibited her work nationally and abroad and was the first American to exhibit iconography in the former Soviet Union. She teaches both organized and individual classes and regularly leads tours to important sites of Orthodox iconography, including locations in the Ukraine and Russia.
  • Medieval Art -  Byzantine, Romanian, Russian, Georgian, Greek, Coptic, and Ethiopian Icons on ceramic tiles, framed. T-shirts with Orthodox crosses. We use alternative methods of teaching old European history: We organize interactive classes & workshops for children and teenagers, every summer in the Medieval Art & Trades Camp. Children study: old world history, iconography, heraldic symbols on shields and flags, ceramics & building methods with clay and bricks, wood carving and building with wood, horse riding, swordfight, archery, traditional dance, music, and folk theater.
  • Nioras.comByzantine Orthodox Icons, Art and Greek Traditional Products.
  • KAPETANAKI ELENI - - Byzantine Painter - Greek Orthodox byzantine icons with burnished gold and water gilding technique ,traditionally hand made .
  • Sacred Presence, hand painted traditional Russian/Byzantine orthodox iconography by iconographer Colette M. Kalvesmaki.
  • Theophanes - Selling byzantine-style holy icons & frescoes, plus a variety of Orthodox-themed prints and posters. Worldwide shipping, online gallery, shopping cart and more.
  • Icons -A Guide to Byzantine Icons, Frescoes and Mosaics - from Constantinople to Macedonia to Russia, and around the world Experience the Beauty of ByzantineIcons, Frescoes and Mosaics !
  • Byzantine Sacred Art -  Original icons hand-painted in Byzantine style and tradition: egg tempera, natural pigments, real gesso, gold leaf. Images combine the expressiveness and sculptural quality of early Greek and Serbian frescoes with the seamless technique of Russian Moscow school masters. Icon Gallery, information about icon painting, the medium, materials. Articles and history of martyred Orthodox Church in Kosovo and articles. Greeting Cards.
  • Elias Damianakis -  Traditional Iconography in a New World
  • HERITAGE STUDIO - Keeping antique knowledge and Russian traditions - Our studio revives the tradition of ancient art of relief miniatures on wooden plates. 
  • Raymond J. Mastroberte - Orthodox Christian Iconographer
  • Orthodox Iconography of The Holy Ghost Orthodox Church, Ambridge, Pennsylvania
  • Icons from my friends at Orthodox England - St Felix and St Edmund Orthodox Church, Felixstowe
  • Romanian Orthodox Icons - A virtual art gallery of Orthodox icons painted on fine wood with colors in oil and golden leaf.
  • An Explanation of the Major Festal Icons - from
  • Greek-Orthodox Icons from the Middle Ages
  • A Guide to Byzantine Icons on the Internet - The site has at its core links to over 8000 images in 30 different countries -hundreds of Orthodox icon links
  • ART-VOLGA Gallery-Only Russian Original Art: creative artworks by contemporary Russian artists
  • Icons of Theotokos
  • Eastern Orthodox Holy Icons - free to download.
  • Iconostas: Russian Icons, Fine Art, and Antiques
  • The Iconography of the Russian Iconostasis - Lisa Kies
  • Byzantine Frescoes, Cards, and Portable Icons Through the hand of Fr. Anthony Salzman
  • University Of Novgorod Icon Library
  • Russian Icon Gallery - Russian Icons and Antique Items
  • Icon Gallery from the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Website
  • Russian Icons: George Mitrevski
    Auburn University
  • Gallery: Byzantine Images - Fordham University
  • Rosebud's Orthodox Byzantine icons
  • The Orthodox Church and its Icons - A spectacular entrance to the world and wealth of Orthodox Icons & Iconography.
  • Orthodox Icons in the Neo-byzantine Style
  • John of Damascus: In Defense of Icons, c. 730 from Medieval Sourcebook
  • Gallery of Our Iconography - The Greek Orthodox Annunciation Cathedral of Atlanta
  • Library of Icons - from St Mary Orthodox Church, Chambersburg PA
  • Iconograms - Send a massage to a loved one or a friend in celebration of a name day, feast day, or sacrament.
  • Zograff - A gallery of icons, wall-paintings and frescoes by young Bulgarian zograf authors from the Veliko Tarnovo University - Bulgaria
  • Prosopon School of Iconology - introduces students to the practice and theory of the ancient Christian art of icon-writing in the Byzantine-Russian tradition. New York.
  • - Orthodox Icons For Sale
  • Olga's Gallery - Russian Icons
  • Galleries of Medieval icons, frescos, mosaics and miniatures
  • Icons De Tver
  • Hand painted Byzantine Icons, mail order
  • New Orthodox Icon site Folk artifacts made by artists of Palekh, Hohloma, Faberge style and artists of Russian-Byzantine cultural school. Products from Sofrino factory, artifacts made by Voloamski monks and other articles representing ancient Russian culture.
    - (Recommended) - carries only the highest quality icons in truly Orthodox style. Purchase high quality Orthodox Icon prints which are laminated to protect the print from any damage. The prints are then mounted on solid wood and the edges are painted in the tradition reddish-brown color. Many beautiful and traditional Orthodox icons.




  • Byzantine Icon's painter Adamantia Karatza-Orthodox handmade painted Byzantine and Russian style icons on wood and frescoes on canvas with gold leaf. All icons are painted in egg-tempera with the best quality colors according to the Byzantine hagiography old traditions and rules. The gilding technique is burnished gold.
  • Orthodox icons by Zefir Kukushev
    Orthodox icons hand painted by Zefir Kukushev and woodcarving
  • Marian Moncea - artist
    Orthodox painted icon, good price, excellent work.
  • Iconographic Studio - Saint Panteleimon - Handmade icons in an old traditional way of painting. Shipping worldwide. Handmade byzantine icons using authentic technology of production. Icons are gilded with real gold and protected by bee wax.
  • Original Byzantine Art   Religious Greek and Russian icons by P.Tsokas, painted traditionally, with egg paints on old wood and 22K of gold. Exact copies of the original icons from the 16th and 17th century, and prototype themes painted by the artist.
  • Icons of Glory Hand painted Orthodox Icons in the Byzantine and Russian tradition. Custom written for you by Peter Dzyuba. Also some icons in stock at all time. Work for individuals, chapels and churches. made.
  • Orthodox Russian Icons - Izograph Studio - Xenia M. Pokrovsky - Iconographer, Restorer, Iconography Expert
  • ARTSOME BYZANTINE ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN ICONS is a studio for painting icons and other Christian images. Gligor Stefanov, B.F.A., M.F.A., and Marie T. Stefanov, B.Arch. founded it in the early 90s in London, UK. Today, the studio is settled in Windsor, Canada, and it full fields the needs for religious paintings of the Christians on the North American continent. 
  • Tatiana Grant - Iconographer Tatiana Romanova-Grant uses ancient traditional techniques rooted in Byzantine, Middle Age, and Renaissance art. For her icons she uses specially cut wood, and works highly professionally with 23k gold leaf for backgrounds and sophisticated gold line graphics.
  • Icon Rus Website - The Icon-Rus Gallery has a long association with the sale of Russian icons. We have our own studio where restoration is undertaken by Russian artists trained in the traditional skills of iconography.
  • Orthodox Icons by Nebojsa Djukic Waysha
    Icons have been an integral part of the Orthodox faith since the beginning of Christianity. More than just paintings, they have a deep spiritual significance. o as "Windows into Heaven," they provide a focal point for prayer, helping us be more in-tune with God. Nebojsa Djukic Waysha paints Orthodox icons in traditional Byzantine styles.
  • Orthodox Iconographer Michael Goltz -  Michael's beautiful artwork has appeared in "WORD" magazine and on it's cover, as well as in a textbook. He has also painted dozens of icons for private individuals and was exhibited at the 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006 biannual Icon Festivals held by the Brotherhood of Orthodox Clergy of Greater Pittsburgh.
  • Orthodox Icons of Olympia Icons by Khouria Heather Williams Durka, a master in the technique of acrylics.
  • Fine Art and Iconography Gallery by Fr. Luke (Rolland) Dingman - Award winning impressionist-style landscapes and seascapes, Byzantine Iconography and paintings of Monasteries and monastics from around the world .
  • Thomas Xenakis, IconographerWebsite of Thomas Xenakis, visual artist and Greek Orthodox iconographer.
  • Jan Verdonk -  Iconographer  Jan Verdonk gives courses in icon painting. He works in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, and Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. Visit the icon gallery, and read the articles on icons and information about the courses in Epidavros in Greece.
  • Maria Elisabeta Bonef - Icon Painting - Orthodox Icon Gallery with categories: Mother of God, Jesus Christ, Saints, scenes, crosses and iconostases.
  • Sotirios Panailidis - Orthodox byzantine iconography - Icons (with burnished gold and water gilding technique) & wall-paintings (frescoes) based on the tradition of the Orthodox Byzantine Art with strong personal touch of the artist Sotirios Panailidis
  • Agiography- a wide collection of byzantine art holy icons, traditionally handmade on wood.
  • Orthodox Icons Today - Orthodox hand made icons in Byzantine traditions & ancient technologies in the art of the Russian Church.
  • Orthodox Byzantine Icons: America's largest distributor of high-quality mounted icon reproductions at very affordable prices. Treasury of great Christian art is featured, a spiritually nourishing site with enriching selection of gifts. Hand-painted icons written by Fr. Theodore and themonks at St. Isaac of Syria Skete.
  • AICONS - - offers icons in the Byzantine tradition. Both original icons and laminated prints are available in a variety of subjects and backgrounds. Original works can be commissioned through the website as well. In addition, wood crafted projects can be commissioned. Samples of some previous projects are available for viewing.
  • Icon Boards & Panels  - Premium quality Icon boards and Icon panels. Imported from Russia and made by Pskov monastery monks under supervision of master iconographer Adolph Ovchinnikov who is also a leading consultant at Moscow art and restoration center “Grabara” (????????????? ?????????????? ??????????????? ????? ??. ???????). Boards are prepared following an exact technology of 13-14 century
  • Foita de aur - selling painting materials, gold leaf, silver leaf, imitation of gold & silver leaf, agate burnishers for the icons and for
  • Icon Boards- Stanislav Solovyev's craftsmanship and his work in traditional preparation of wooden panels and boards for iconographers and artists is invaluable for of Orthodox Christians and numerous churches that practice and use iconography in their liturgical life.
  • Orthodox Byzantine Iconography -  Maria Sigala & Nikos Spanopoulos
  • Valentino Icon Studio - Byzantine Iconography, murals, mosaic, stained glass, manuscripts and books.
  • Ikons - Windows into Heaven - Bob Atchison
  • Christian Icons And Frescoes Studio.
    St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Le Icone di Giovanni Longo And His Images (Icon Gallery)
  • Icon Arts - Irene Pérez-Omer - iconographer
  • Divine Inspirations Studio - Tom Denich Orthodox Iconographer 
  • The Temple Gallery - specialists in Russian icons
  • Heavenly Visions Byzantine Icon Studio -  hand-painted icons in the traditional Byzantine style by John Snogren
  • Irina & Sons Icon Gallery - Hand-painted Bulgarian Orthodox Icons
  • Konstantinos Angelakis - Hand-painted
    Byzantine icons - Cretan icon school
  • Diamantis Cassis - one of America's principal Byzantine Iconographers
  • Iconography  by Anne Pinkerton Davidson
  • Ann Sjöblom - Icon painter
  • Icons and Iconography - Russian master Vladimir Blagonadezhdin -
  • Beautifully painted traditional Byzantine iconography- Paul Azkoul
  • Maria Mirea - Art - Byzantine Icons
  • Russian Icons - Art-Russian, Helsinki, Finland



Damascene Gallery
An Orthodox Icon Website and Friend of Orthodox Christian Church Links - Highly Recommended! 
Antique Icons, beautiful newly painted icons, brass icons and a unique series of Hiqh Quality Mounted Icons


Orthodox Byzantine Icons
Byzantine Icons
- (Recommended) -
Orthodox Byzantine style icons painted on wood panels with egg tempera.



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