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Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox Church

Orthodox Churches, Eastern Orthodox Church

Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox Church





Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox, Russian Orthodox Church,Icons,Greek Orthodox Church, Orthodox Christianity links, Orthodox websites, Orthodoxy websites, Christian websites


  Eastern Orthodox Church Websites & Orthodox Church Online Resources 


           Welcome to the Orthodox Church section of our website.  Throughout many years of exploring and searching the Web for information about the Orthodox Christian Church, we decided to gather the best Orthodox Christian Church websites (and related links) and bookmark them into several categories.  We decided to make this collection of Eastern & Western Orthodox Church links available to web surfers by creating this small website.
        We hope you will find these links to be a valuable resource when researching the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Christian Church on the Internet for personal study, scholastic use, and/or perhaps from curiosity about the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Please use the navigation bar on the left to visit all of the different categories and their respective listings.  Feel free to bookmark this site, as new Orthodox Christian Church links will be added on a regular basis; we also welcome the suggestions of Orthodox Christian Church websites and for inclusion.  Please submit new links here.   Glory to Jesus Christ!

       Eastern Orthodox & Western Orthodox Christian Church -related Orthodox Websites will only be considered for inclusion, with a few exceptions such as pertinent geographical, regional, ethnic, historical, Biblical and Scriptural reference links, Byzantine Rite links, etc.  Thank you.
Tabitha of Joppa
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Holy Ghost Orthodox Christian Church
Manville, New Jersey


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